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#Donald_Trump’s Palpable Incompetence Works Both Ways As #POTUS! …

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Greg Lance – Watkins







as accusations of Donald Trump’s utter incompetence as a politician, a diplomat, a leader, and not just as a human being with his serial marriages, boasts of groping, serial bankruptcies, & the long list of unpaid bills and Court judgements against him he is also very clearly utterly incompetent as POTUS.

He still does not seem to grasp the reality that being POTUS is neither a ‘shoot ’em up’ video game nor a ‘you’re fired’ game show!

Clearly more and more of the rumours and accusations about him are being stood up by journalistic research, which he tries to pretend is ‘False News’ in the assumptive claim that everyone is as dishonest as he is and as versed in the Goebels’ school of integrity where if one repeats a lie often enough it will become the truth.

However as hard evidence is provided by the likes of James Comey and regarding his utter incompetence in releasing secure intel. to the Russians his position becomes less and less tenable and more and more likely to wind up in the Courts with his impeachment.

It seems that Kim Jong-un has an up and coming rival for the title of most idiotic, untrustworthy and self centered leader in the world – far outstripping such as Jean-Claude Juncker, Jeremy Corbyn or Blair before him, Nicolas Maduro or Hugo Chavez before him, Fidel Castro or his brother etc. – the list of idiots who are in power, held power or aspire to power is indeed long!

When you have a moment to spare you may wish to reassure yourself by putting this all in perspective just CLICK HERE and then watch CLICK HERE  but in the mean time read the brief article below:

American Institutions Strike Back

The president’s incompetence may yet save the country that put him in the White House.

Gary Cameron / Reuters

The bad news is that Donald Trump is the most incompetent president in modern American history. The good news is that Donald Trump is the most incompetent president in modern American history.

He was too incompetent to understand his own health care bill, or accurately describe the direction in which the “armada” designed to intimidate North Korea was heading, or restrain himself from disclosing highly classified information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. But he’s also too incompetent, it appears, to destroy liberal democracy.

When Trump fired James Comey a week ago, many Republicans denied that he had done so to shut down the FBI’s inquiry into his campaign’s Russia ties. Trump, they said, could not have been that stupid. He could not have been stupid enough to believe that firing Comey would quash the Russia investigation.

But, increasingly, it appears that Trump was. Rather than building a high-minded pretext for firing Comey, Trump, according to the New York Times, invited Comey to dinner in January and demanded his personal loyalty. If that wasn’t incriminating enough, in February he baldly asked Comey to end the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Then, after Comey asked for more funding to investigate the Trump campaign’s Russia ties, Trump fired him—essentially asking the man he had handed a loaded gun to fire it at his head.

In the hours after Comey’s firing, the “Trump can’t be that stupid” caucus globbed onto Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo, which offered justifications for Comey’s firing that did not reek of self-interest. But in an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, Trump admitted that he was thinking about the Russia investigation when he made the decision to fire Comey, thus discarding Rosenstein’s fig leaf and exposing his political nakedness for all to see.

Thank goodness. The Kremlin, it turns out, is not the only institution able to outwit Donald Trump. American law enforcement and the American press can too. Comey, who unlike Trump knows the art of political CYA, reportedly kept a record of the President’s efforts to obstruct justice. Trump’s own White House is sabotaging him daily through massive leaks. And at both the Times and the Washington Post, the best reporters of their generation are participating in the journalistic equivalent of a dunking contest.

In retrospect, it was predictable. During the campaign, Trump advertised his hostility to liberal democratic norms. But he advertised his incompetence too. He slandered judges for their ethnicity and vowed tax investigations into the publishers of newspapers that criticized him. But he also let Texas Senator Ted Cruz give a prime time speech at his own convention that did not include an endorsement.

As a result of his own ineptitude, Trump is politically weaker than he was on Inauguration Day even though the economy is stronger. And it’s harder to mount a populist assault on the rule of law when you’re not even that popular.

Yes, Trump can still do grave damage. Yes, he’s exposed the fragility of America’s system of liberal democracy. But that system has one key advantage: The people protecting it are good at their jobs.

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