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DINOSAUR eggs believed to be 70 MILLION years old have been found in Patagonia, Argentina …

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Excitement as GIANT dinosaur eggs unearthed after 70 MILLION years in Argentina

DINOSAUR eggs believed to be 70 MILLION years old have been found in Patagonia, Argentina.

PUBLISHED: 18:00, Fri, Apr 14, 2017 | UPDATED: 19:49, Fri, Apr 14, 2017

Discovery at the site in PatagoniaTelam

Dinosaur eggs discovered in Patagonia, Argentina

The discovery has delighted archaeologists globally after it was revealed the embryos remained inside the eggs in Argentine Patagonia, at a site called Auca Mahuevo, near Aguada San Roque.

Initially, it is claimed they are similar to those unearthed in 1997 in Auca Mahuída hill.

The finding, which was reported several years ago by a local goat and sheep farmer, was made public this week during a conference by Neuquén provincial director of Cultural Heritage, Claudia Della Negra.

Inside a dinosaur eggTelam

Dinosaur eggs found in Argentina – Anthropologists reveal farmer’s find

Auca Mahuevo is a site where dinosaur eggs appear in nests and around them, remains of the animals that ate the eggs

Della Negra

Della Negra said: “Auca Mahuevo is a site where dinosaur eggs appear in nests and around them, remains of the animals that ate the eggs.

“The site was a swamp that at the time was gently covered by water and this caused sediment to cover and drown the embryos inside the eggs. The other sediment came from the Auca Mahuida volcano ten million years later.

“The research received contributions from National Geographic, CONICET and Zaragoza (Spain) to do the analysis of the materials.” 

The anthropologist said that the site Auca Mahuevo is more than 70 million years old and is monitored by those who live in the area and also with security agents. 

Della Negra said volcanic sediment covered the eggs and wind and water eroded some parts to reveal what they were.

She said: “We are investigating the embryos and analysing the embryonic skin and dentures.

Hillside in Argentina where eggs were foundTelam

Argentine hillside where the dinosaur eggs were found

Large unusual rings appear in Argentina field


Eggs found after 70m yearsTelam

Eggs with embryos inside were found by the farmer – after 70m years

Della Negra said the importance of preservation is vital for science and asked people not to go looking for eggs.

“We always ask people, whether a worker, a ‘farmer’ or a tourist that if you find something, do not take it from the place. If you find a painting, leave it intact, do not make graffiti because any finding is important. 

“It may be fortuitous, but it can have a very great relevance as in this case (eggs), which has international significance.”

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